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Flow Control

Supplier Control
Our suppliers must be approved by our supplier investigation team. Annual assessment is conducted to make sure that all qualified suppliers have the capability for long-term quality stability and reliability. Moreover, we also apply ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards to the selection of suppliers, constantly enhancing quality control.

Contract Review
Before showing our acceptance on customer confirmation, we need to make sure that all customer requirements can be met technically and economically.

Data Handling
As for design data and requirements received from customers, we will perform a series of procedures for verification, analysis and data conversion with the aid of CAM. Based on our practical production process and technologies, Manufacturing Instruction (MI) is presented as the guideline to manufacture department. However, before that, our exclusive engineers and QA will carry out examination for MI feasibility.

Incoming Material Control
Comprehensive control system is applied to all income materials. With the aid of advanced testing instrument and equipment, we have the capability to make accurate estimate on material quality. Based on First In First Out principle, we make sure that all materials can be utilized before expire date.

Production Process Control
Complete production process control is benefiting from accurate MI, comprehensive equipment management and maintenance, as well as technologies control, stringent inspection and monitoring.

Finished Products Testing
In addition to normal physical testing, all of our PCB should also pass continuity testing and visual inspection. We take advantage of several progressive continuity testing machines to achieve more precise and efficient testing.

Delivery Check
We have specialized personnel for FQA (Final Quality Assurance). Before delivery, spot check will be performed in accordance with customer requirements. Only qualified PCBs are allowed for package. Furthermore, 100% check will be conducted to all packaged products to makes sure all information is accurate, including item codes, customer codes, production quantity and address, etc.

Customer Service
Our highly devoted customer service team is always ready for active communication with you. Prompt response is what you expect when you submit your troubles. On-site support is also available if necessary. Moreover, customer investigation is annually conducted to refresh customer needs, adjust services and enhance products.