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PCB Capabilities

OKEY Circuit is your professional rigid PCB manufacturer. We are highly distinguished on markets by our outstanding PCB capabilities, such as 20 layers rigid PCB and PCB with 9OZ heavy copper.

However, we are a forward-looking enterprise who does not dwell on the past. Constant research on innovation and technical improvement has carried us to the leading group in PCB industry worldwide. Higher precision, more layers, large aspect ratio and better impedance control are what we pay back to customer’s investment.

PCB Capabilities
No. Description Technical Data
1 Layer Count 1-20 layers
2 Max. Board Size 600×550mm
3 Min. Board Thickness 0.2mm (2 layers) / 0.4mm (4 layers) / 0.9mm (8 layers) / 1.2mm (10 layers) / 1.3mm (12 layers) / 1.5mm (14 layers) / 1.7mm (16 layers) / 1.8mm / 2.0mm (18 layers) / 2.2mm (20 layers)
4 Max. Board Thickness 120mil (3mm)
5 Max. Copper Thickness Inner Layer: 3oz
Outer Layer: 9oz
6 Mix. Trace/Space-Inner Layer 4mil (0.1mm) / 4mil (0.1mm)
7 Min. Trace/Space-Outer Layer 4mil (0.1mm) / 3.5mil (0.089mm)
8 Min. Finished Hole Size 8 mil (0. 2 mm)
9 Max. Aspect Ratio 12:1
10 Min. Via/Pad Size via: dia. 0.2mm/pad: dia. 0.4mm
11 Min. Hole Tolerance ±0.05mm (NPTH), ±0.076mm (PTH)
12 Finished Hole Tolerance (PTH) ±2mil (0.05mm)
13 Finished Hole Tolerance (NPTH) ±1mil (0.025mm)
14 Copper Thickness (PTH) Min. 25um (1.0mil)
15 Hole Location Tolerance ±2mil (0.05mm)
16 Panel Outline Tolerance ±4mil (0.1mm)
17 Solder Mash Thickness 3mil (0.08mm)
18 Insulation Resistance 1×10 12 Ω
19 Thermal Shock 3×10s at 288℃
20 Warpage ≤0.75%
21 Peel Strength 1.4N/mm
22 Solder Mask Wear Degree ≥6H
23 Flame Retardant Rating 94V-O
24 Impedance Control ±5%
25 Min. Solder Mask Opening 0.05mm (2mil)
26 Solder Mask Min. Dam Size 0.05mm (2mil)
27 Min. Solder Mask Bridge 0.076mm (3mil)
28 Surface Finishes Electrolytic gold, ENIG, ENImAg, OSP, Lead contained/Lead Free HASL, Halogen Free, Carbon Ink, Blue Solder Mask, Gold Finger (30u''), Immersion Silver (3-10u''), Immersion Tin (0.6-1.2um)
29 Gold Thickness on Gold Finger Max. 0.76um (Max. 30u'')
30 V-Cut Angle 30°, 45°, 60°, tolerance +/-5°
31 Min. V-Cut Board Thickness 0.8mm
32 Tolerance of V-Cut Residual ±0.1mm
33 Prototyping Routing & Punching
34 Test Voltage >1.3kv/mm
35 E-TEST Voltage 250±5 V
36 Capacity 60,000 square feet/month