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PCB Fabrication Flow

Each year, we keep putting large amount of investment on personnel and equipment, so that we can be remained as the competent PCB manufacturer offering more technology and affordable price.

Engineering process and circuit board handling determine PCB quality in an essential manner. We take advantage of progressive equipment and skilled engineers. Each piece of machine is ruggedly designed to meet the most demanding production needs. Every employee is trained for accurate operation.

Our PCB fabrication flow is no secret to our customers, and it is showed as below.

PCB Fabrication Flow Chart
1. IPC Standards Inspection and testing is conducted in accordance with IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012 Class II, excluding situations that customers have special request.
2. Marking Customable. Default marking is our branch mark.
3. Cutting Single sided: FR-1, FR-2, FR-4 glass epoxy (IPC-4101 standard), min. Tg: 110°. Min. copper starting weight: 1OZ/FT2. Double sided metal substrate, FR-4 glass epoxy (IPC-4101 standard), min. Tg: 130°, Min. copper starting weight: 0.5OZ/FT2. Multilayer, FR-4 copper coated glass epoxy, (PP sheet refers to IPC-4101 standard), min. Tg: 135°, Min. copper starting weight: 1OZ/FT2, outer layer Min. copper starting weight: 0.5OZ/FT2.
4. Copper Plating If there are solder pads on both sides of hole, then plated-through holes are utilized. Copper plating thickness is based on IPC-6012 Class II (Min. average thickness: 0.0008"). If pad is the same as or smaller than corresponding hole, then no plating is applied to this hole.
5. HASL After PCB solder mask, copper is exposed on surface. In addition to gold/nickel plating on edge, hot-air leveling is utilized for solder flux on surface, which is conducted in accordance with IPC6012 II standard.
6. ENIG In order for favorite solderability, contacting surface min. gold thickness is 0.8, nickel exceeds 150.
7. Hole Size Metal holes size tolerance is based on IPC-D-300 II standard.
8. Board Size Max. Board Size: 864×610mm (34"×24")
9. Solder Mask According to IPC-SM-840 B Type II (unless otherwise stated)
10. Legend A format of letter or symbol printed in white on solder mask
11. Warpage Max. SMD warpage: 0.75%, Max. warpage for other board: 1.5%
12. Other Thickness tolerance is 10% of total board thickness excluding surface copper. (Unless otherwise stated)