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Industries We Serve

We take pride in fabricating robust PCBs to assist with extensive applications in diverse industries such as aerospace and automotive, etc. No matter what your want to achieve, we have the expertise to get it built right, with a quick turnaround.


Reliability is the core requirement in all aerospace applications. There is no room for error. We deeply understand this and bear this in our mind. That’s why your PCB is manufactured with the highest level of quality in the industry.


OKEY Circuit is proud to build boards for major automobile manufacturers, renowned motorcycle and related parts fabricators, recreational vehicle companies, and nearly everything in between.


We have the abilities to cater to your needs for IPC-6012 guidelines compliance and RF-related designs. Our PCB boards are offered in a quick turn manner.


Timely marketing, cost containment and exceptional durability are some of the most essential factors on retail markets. Our reputation has been built on 100% on-time delivery and reasonable price.

Consumer Electronics

Thanks to our customer-oriented marketing, we deliver our PCB products in a fast and cost-effective manner. Customers enjoy profitable investment with high levels of satisfaction.


At OKEY Circuit, functionality and affordability are not mutually exclusive for educational programs. We also take pride in offering educational sponsorships for students and educators. Contact us for details.


Grounded on superior PCB OEM and ODM capabilities, we excel at fitting diversified governmental applications in a cost effective manner. Whether it is related to IPC-6012 guidelines or RF-related designs, we have the strength to get things done right and fast.

Industrial Electronics

Data acquisition modules, sensors and interface cards, all these industrial electronic equipment can be backed with our ruggedly designed PCB to show more excellence in performance. We comply with IPC-6012 and ITAR, and excel at RF-related designs as well as controlled impedance.


We stand out from competitors in terms of IPC-6012, ITAR compliance and RF-related designs as well as controlled impedance. With the aid of our robust PCB, our customers enjoy more stable and flexible data acquisition modules, sensors and interface cards, etc.


We offer unrivalled prototype service, ensuring that you get the PCB that meets your needs in an efficient manner. We can cater to the entire catalog of circuit board fabrication from the basic PCB design to high-end manufacture, surface finishes, and RF materials.


Military deserves the best in all terms. Our production process of PCB is conducted in great tune with IPC-6012 guidelines and ITAR. We also provide Rogers RF materials in a quick-turn prototype product.


In addition to industrial demands, we also offer Value-Added services to meet your personal needs for PCB. Small volume production and custom design are presented to you.

Test & Measurement

From quick-turn prototypes to large volume production, we comply with IPC-6012 regulations and offer RF-related designs as well as controlled impedance to fit your applications.