Shenzhen Okey Circuit Co., Ltd.
Add.: North Side, Floor 1, No. 2, First Gongye Road, Dawangshan, Shajing Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
Tel.: +86-755-29098288-8012

Company Responsibility

Safety Responsibility
OKEY Circuit always has the duty-sensitive heart for customers, employees, shareholders and society. We apply appropriate measures to all safety and health issues, whereby minimizing potential operating risks. Proactive instruction and training on occupational safety are constantly available to enhance effects.

Social Responsibility
Based on stable profitability, we hold one of our Core Values, which is Serve the Society. We bring the best service to customers, and attractive welfare system to employees and shareholders. By sharing our optimized PCB solutions with the entire society, we realize sustainable development for both the enterprise and social benefits.