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    1. FR-4 PCB

      Our reputation has been built on remarkable capability to offer high density FR-4 PCB samples, as well as produce high density flame retardant PCB in mid-small volume. Our multilayer boards can be offered with a total of 48 layers. Minimum hole size is only 6mil, and trance width can be minimized to 4mil.

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    1. Copper Based PCB

      Copper-based PCB substrate receives immersion gold surface treatment. Compared to HASL PCB, ENIG copper PCB board has smoother surface which is more suitable for SMT processing. This product is proved to be ideal for products in large current and power, as well as military applications.

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    1. Rigid-flex PCBWe excel at providing rigid-flex PCB in small and medium production volume. Our rigid flex board is available in 20 layers. The minimized trace width only reaches 3mil. Moreover, we are also nimble in PCB fabrication of HDI and impedance controlled rigid-flex PCB.
    1. Aluminum Based PCB

      Our aluminum based PCB is available as aluminum PCB for street light, fluorescent lamp and spot light as well as high power aluminum core board. One sided aluminum layer PCB is emerged as alternative to FR-4 and PCB fiberglass panel, for this PCB substrate shows more excellence in terms of rigidity, cooling efficiency and toughness.

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PCB by Material

We are specialized in PCB services covering PCB design and PCB manufacture. We have the capability to cater to your discerning needs for PCBs made from diverse substrates such as FR-4 PCB, copper based PCB, rigid-flex PCB and aluminum based PCB, etc.