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Aluminum Based PCB

Our aluminum based PCB is available as aluminum PCB for street light, fluorescent lamp and spot light as well as high power aluminum core board. One sided aluminum layer PCB is emerged as alternative to FR-4 and PCB fiberglass panel, for this PCB substrate shows more excellence in terms of rigidity, cooling efficiency and toughness.

Thickness of our aluminum based PCB is varied among 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm and 5.0mm, etc. Normally, PCB thickness is determined by the overall dimension of the product. Thickness of 1060/3030/5052 aluminum that we adopt is 1.6mm. The surface receives OSP treatment and ultra-white solder mask, generating better bending property than FR-4.

We are competent at manufacturing all kinds of metal substrates in accordance with customers’ requirements. These PCBs are well-suited for LED lighting fixtures in school, tunnel, vehicle and kitchen, etc.

Aluminum based PCB comprises 3 layers that are aluminum layer, insulating layer and copper layer. The aluminum layer functions as cooler and insulating layer performs heat conduction. The copper layer is the electrical conductor.

Better aluminum offers better heat dissipation effect, so the sequence is 3030, 5052, 1060 and 3030. However, better quality means more softness. Mechanical strength is also critical for circuit board. As a result, 5052 aluminum is the most preferred material for proper hardness with thermal conductivity of 1.5-2.0W/mk.

In addition, 1060 aluminum is the common material offering desired hardness for PCB fabrication and cooling effect second to 5052. As a result, it is also the excellent choice for PCBs of lighting fixtures.

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