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Rigid-flex PCB

We excel at providing rigid-flex PCB in small and medium production volume. Our rigid flex board is available in 20 layers. The minimized trace width only reaches 3mil. Moreover, we are also nimble in PCB fabrication of HDI and impedance controlled rigid-flex PCB.


1. Four Layer Rigid-Flex PCB
This PCB design laminates various functions into one small PCB for easy installation. During PCB fabrication, we utilize X and Y axis to achieve unsurpassed precision and in turn accurate circuit connection.

This PCB comprises 3 rigid circuit boards and 2 flex circuit boards. The rigid board has four layers while flex board is single sided. This product is applicable for engineering control products.

2. Rigid-Flex Board
This is the blend of two rigid boards and one flex board. The rigid PCB has four layers while the flex PCB is single sided. This PCB design is distinguished by reduced product size. However, during PCB fabrication, tremendous attention should be paid on lamination stability and circuit connection precision. This product has been widely applied to engineering control products.

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