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Copper Based PCB

Our copper based PCB has been mainly applied to high power sparger, cooler, planar transformer and power exchanger. The copper thickness reaches 19OZ.


1. Copper-based and FR-4 Composite PCB
Copper-based PCB substrate receives immersion gold surface treatment. Compared to HASL PCB, ENIG copper PCB board has smoother surface which is more suitable for SMT processing. This product is proved to be ideal for products in large current and power, as well as military applications.

2. Copper Based PCB Board
This copper core PCB is available in 3.0mm thick, white solder mask and silver character. Its surface receives ENIG finish for elegant appearance. It is ruggedly designed for high power military LED lighting products.

3. Single Sided Copper Based PCB
This heavy copper PCB is 5mm thick with excellent cooling effect. Therefore, it is highly applicable for high power LED fixtures, industrial power supply equipment, military applications and solar industry, etc.

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