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Our reputation has been built on remarkable capability to offer high density FR-4 PCB samples, as well as produce high density flame retardant PCB in mid-small volume. Our multilayer boards can be offered with a total of 48 layers. Minimum hole size is only 6mil, and trance width can be minimized to 4mil.


1. Four Layer ENIG PCB
Gold thickness of this PCB is ranged from 2uin to 5uin, and nickel thickness is varied between 150um to 320um. Trace width reaches 0.08mm, and PCB thickness is 0.26mm. Interior PCB thickness is only 0.1mm. Overall dimensional tolerance is limited within +/-0.05mm. This product is widely applicable for micro cameras such as monitoring camera and mobile phone camera.

2. Two Layer Half Hole ENIG PCB
Half hole size is 0.3mm. Therefore, coupling with black solder mask, this FR-4 PCB is the preferred circuit board for digital camera imager.

3. Double Sided Speaker ENIG PCB
Thickness of copper can be increased to 175um after several times of electroplating. Chemical gold thickness exceeds 5uin. Moreover, copper thickness on both sides is different. One side is 35um, and the other reaches 175um. This kind of high density PCB is well-suited for microphone and loud speaker.

4. Four Layer Card
This FR-4 PCB is fitted with 0.3mm BGA and gold fingers. The PCB fabrication involves the utilization of gold plating and solder mask. We use blue rubber to cover gold fingers when soldering, so that gold fingers can be free from soldering. This PCB is greatly recommended for memory bank and network card.

5. Double Sided Lead Free HASL PCB
PCB substrate for both sides is FR-4. Copper weight is 1OZ. Soldering process is lead free and environmental friendly. This PCB can be applicable for switchboard.

6. FR-4 Double Sided PCB with Green Solder Mask
This normal double sided FR-4 PCB has been widely applied to power supply board.

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