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    1. Single Sided PCBOur single sided PCB is available in CEM, FR-4, aluminum-based and copper-based metal materials. This kind of single layer PCB has been extensively applied to LED lighting fixture industry and high power military products.
    1. Double Sided PCB

      Half hole is drilled with brand new drilling tool after electroplating treatment to achieve burr-free and clean finish. 3uin thick gold ensures the best soldering. Copper thickness is 35/35um and half hole size is 0.4mm. This double sided copper clad is well-suited for signal conversion.

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    1. Multilayer PCB

      The multilayer PCB is distinguished by prominent circuit density, small size and light weight. Thanks to exceptional circuit density, every single module and component require minimized connecting, whereupon drastically enhancing PCB stability and performance.

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PCB by Layers

OKEY Circuit is the professional Chinese PCB manufacturer. We take significant pride in providing optimized PCB design as well as customized PCB OEM/ODM services. Highly devoted to various customers' needs, we strive to utilize diverse materials to manufacture single sided PCB, double sided PCB and multilayer PCB.