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Double Sided PCB

We are the reputable enterprise focusing on PCB design and manufacture. Our double sided PCB comes in maximum 6OZ copper weight. Thickness of two copper layers PCB is ranged from 0.25mm to 3.0mm. Color of solder mask is customizable to fit your unique taste.


1. Double Sided Half Hole ENIG PCB
Half hole is drilled with brand new drilling tool after electroplating treatment to achieve burr-free and clean finish. 3uin thick gold ensures the best soldering. Copper thickness is 35/35um and half hole size is 0.4mm. This double sided copper clad is well-suited for signal conversion.

2. Double Sided HASL PCB
Hole drilling is followed by copper plating on slot, whereby PCB edge is covered by copper. Moreover, blocking point is applied to protect PCB edge from solder mask. Both sides are fitted with green solder mask and the edge is solder coated. This double sided PCB is highly recommended for power supply applications.

3. Double Sided ENIG PCB
This PCB adopts FR-4 A1 material and fire rating reaches 94 V-0. Its surface treatment is conducted in absolute conformation with RoHS regulations for environment protection.

4. Double Sided Carbon Ink Lead Free HASL PCB
This kind of double sided PCB is characterized by simply circuit layout. Button pressing place is covered by carbon ink for outstanding performance and durability. Both sides receive lead free HASL PCB surface finish. Copper thickness reaches 35um.

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