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Single Sided PCB

Our single sided PCB is available in CEM, FR-4, aluminum-based and copper-based metal materials. This kind of single layer PCB has been extensively applied to LED lighting fixture industry and high power military products.

Moreover, we stand out from competitors in terms of PCB design and precision control. One side maximum copper thickness can be made to 9OZ and tortuosity is limited to be less than 3mm.


1. CEM-1 Single Sided OSP PCB
Apparently, CEM-1 single sided OSP PCB is made from CEM-1 material, showing more excellence than FR-4 single sided PCB. This kind of single layer PCB has blue solder mask on one side and multiple slots. The difficulty in manufacturing this PCB is to keep 0.1mm space width among all slots. What’s more, milling scoring readily leads to hole breaking.

This single sided PCB is highly applicable for power supply related products.

2. FR-4 Single Sided HASL PCB
FR-4 one cooper layer PCB comes in 0.4mm thickness. HASL is the kind of PCB surface finish that requires discretion and consideration. PCBs on the panel are connected by perforations and bridges. This kind of single sided PCB is proved to be suitable as car PCB.

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