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    1. HASL PCB

      We are the registered HASL (hot air solder leveling) PCB manufacturer by UL and ISO9001. We strive to RoHS compliant production process so that we have the ability to fabricate Immersion Tin (ISn) PCB, Inmmersion Silver (IAg) PCB, as well as both lead-containing and lead-free HASL PCB.

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    1. ENIG PCB

      Comparing to HASL and Immersion Silver, this PCB surface finish has been extensively applied to high-end PCB. The process of Electroless Nickel plating and immersion gold has been approved to be lead-free. Its ultra-flat surface provides stable welding spots and resistance to exterior environment and touching, etc.

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    1. IAg PCBThis kind of PCB surface finish is perfect for circuit in high density. Both interior and exterior copper thickness is 35um. PCB thickness is 1.8mm. Material option is FR-4. This PCB is often seen in military products.
    1. OSP PCBThis rigid PCB is 1.0mm thick and receives RoHS compliant surface treatment. Moreover, we apply vacuum packaging method to all incoming materials and finished OSP PCBs. Separating paper is placed among all boards to prevent surfaces from friction damage.

PCB by Surface Finish

OKEY Circuit is the Chinese specialized PCB manufacturer. We have superior PCB design ability, and our surface finish technology is the reason why you put your invaluable trust on us. We excel at 6 kinds of surface finishes to cater to your needs for PCB OEM/ODM. We supply HASL and lead-free HASL PCB, ENIG PCB, IAg PCB, gold plated PCB, silver plated PCB and OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives) PCB.