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We are the pioneering manufacturer of OSP PCB. OSP stands for Organic Solderability Preservatives. This PCB surface finish comes with ultra-thin organic coating. If being exposed in circumstance of high temperature and high humidity, PCB surface will be oxidized, resulting in poor weldability. Therefore, storage of OSP PCB must be coherent with related technical regulations.

Our OSP PCB adopts FR-4 A1 and reaches 94 V-0 fire rating. This rigid PCB is 1.0mm thick and receives RoHS compliant surface treatment. Moreover, we apply vacuum packaging method to all incoming materials and finished OSP PCBs. Separating paper is placed among all boards to prevent surfaces from friction damage. Drying agent and humidity indicator are also available to ensure better delivery.

In addition, we are fitted with optimal warehouse where year-round relative humidity remains at 30-70%, and relative temperature is ranged between 15℃ to 30℃.

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