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We are the registered HASL (hot air solder leveling) PCB manufacturer by UL and ISO9001. We strive to RoHS compliant production process so that we have the ability to fabricate Immersion Tin (ISn) PCB, Inmmersion Silver (IAg) PCB, as well as both lead-containing and lead-free HASL PCB.


1. Double Sided HASL PCB
This PCB board has black solder mask on both sides, and its edge receives solder coating and copper plating on slot after hole drilling. Copper remained on edge prevents solder mask to flow on PCB edge which makes this product well-suited for power supply board.

2. Double Sided Power Driver Board
This board is produced step by step. 3OZ copper is printed with blue solder mask to bypass red turning and copper exposing. Circuit engineering handles drawings by size enlarging compensation, in order to keep circuit size favorable for desired trace width and space width after several etching.

3. CEM-1 Single Sided OSP PCB
The main difficulty lies on maintaining 0.1mm slot space among all slots, and milling scoring readily leads to hole breaking. In addition, CEM-1 has more competitive price than FR-4. Single side has blue solder mask and multi slots, which is suited to be board for power supply related products.

4. Double Sided White PCB
This kind of HASL PCB has complicated structure. CNC milling process creates 1.0mm thick FR-4 double sided board with 18um thick copper.

5. Double Sided Light Blue Board
This type is characterized by large board size as well as wide and limited trace unevenly distributed on both sides. Board thickness reaches 2.5mm and copper weight reaches 3OZ, whereby burn-in process is smooth. Solder mask is in light blue, thus being applicable for stud welding machine, cutting equipment and energy storage system

6. Single Sided HASL PCB

This panel is 0.4mm thick. Separating PCBs is conducted with the aid of perforations. This kind of PCB has been applied for automotive parts.

Iron plate connector is small in size, thus being quite fragile. Extra attention should be paid when performing PCB coating and plating for inevitable impacts on board as well as connector. Otherwise the PCB panel will be broken. This kind of PCB comes in 0.4mm thick and is applicable as automotive part PCB.

7. Eight Layer leaf Free HASL PCB
Eight Layer leaf Free HASL PCB features small holes in large number including plated-through holes and plugged vias. Several IC and multi-socket come with small grace width and space width. This kind of circuit layout increases possibilities of short circuit and high rejection rate.
Eight layer solder coating with dark green solder mask are applied. This PCB board is 2.0mm thick and is highly recommended as control board for electronic products.

8. Double Sided Lead-Free HASL PCB
This lead-free PCB has complicated structure yet simple circuit layout. Places for button pressing are coated with carbon ink. The copper is 35um thick.

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